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Iron Oxide Changes To A New Substance In Deep Earth

Scientists have found that world’s 2nd most abundant mineral’s constituent, Iron Oxide FeO changes its properties totally to convert to a different substance in deep earth region. Intense conditions like high temperature and pressure squeeze the basic particles like electrons so close that altogether a new compound develops as a result of such conditions. This phenomena was observed in earth’s ... Read More »

Virus That Improves Solar Cell Efficiency

MIT Researchers have found a way to improve solar cell efficiency using ‘viruses’ that perform assembly operations at nano level.   The improvement is based on the famous carbon nanotubes which enhance the electron capturing ability of the solar cells. The attempts to use carbon nanotubes to improve efficiency was tried earlier on but a tube made up of material ... Read More »

Mechanical Work Extracted From Light Using DNA

Scientists have converted light into mechanical work by changing the elasticity of DNA when the light is incident upon DNA. This mechanism involves atomic force at micro scale to extract work out using light.   The research recently published in Journal of American Chemical Society by Martin McCullagh, Ignacio Franco, Mark A. Ratner, and George C. Schatz, from the Department ... Read More »

New Form of Sulfur Discovered

A new form of Sulfur, the sixth most abundant element on earth has been identified in geological fluids. Earth already contains a lot of sulfur in rocks, mines in various forms but this is something new observed for the very first time.   The new form identified contains S3- ions whilst the existing forms contrain S2^-1 ions or SO4 ^ ... Read More »