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University of Colorado Offering Masters Degree in Electric Vehicles

With a 954,000 US$ grant from US Department of Energy, University of Colorado is offering a masters course in electric vehicles for those who are interested in working or researching in this technology. The courses are expected to be open for registeration from Fall 2012. Boulder and Colorado Springs faculty will offer the program with both online courses and traditional ... Read More »

2012 Ford Focus Electric Available At Orders for 39,995 US$

Ford has announced the prices for Ford Focus Electric 2012 model and orders will start to be received by the company. The car’s site mentions its price 39,995 US$ without federal and state incentives. This price is 4800 $ more than 2011 Nissan Leaf. The Ford Focus Electric has 123-hp permanent magnet motor which provides 181 lbf-ft of torque and ... Read More »

Land Rover Testing Diesel Plugin Hybrid Prototype

Land Rover was spotted testing its Range_e concept on UK roads, which is a diesel plugin hybrid vehicle. It was spotted last Saturday in a parking lot of a shopping mall in Bristol, UK. “Hybrid Electric Plug-in” was written on the vehicle and it resembled the Range_e concept unveiled at 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Infact the only difference between this ... Read More »

Chevrolet EN-V: Autonomous Electric Pod By General Motors

General Motors (GM) is planning to launch an autonomous electric pod that would fit in the densely populated cities for transportation which is cheap and emission-free. The vehicle is termed EN-V (Electric Networked Vehicle) GM CEO said that Detroit could be the first place to receive these pods since they can be installed alongside high speed rail tracks. Military bases ... Read More »

Vending Machines to Charge Electric Vehicles in Japan

10 Japanese companies announced they will be installing electric vehicle chargers with the beverage vending machines across the Japan.   Forking Co, a vending machine operator & Panasonic Electric will work to produce these charger modules. Forking Co owns about 1.2 million machines across Japan so this is a huge business opportunity for them in terms of profit & advertisement. ... Read More »