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NASA Finds A New Planet Capable Of Supporting Life

Kepler spacecraft of NASA which searches for new planets has found an alien world in a habitable zone of star which can allow for life and water to exist. The Kepler also discovered 1000 new planets, bringing the count of discovered planets outside our solar system to 2326 found using this spacecraft. This number has been achieved in 16 months ... Read More »

Supermoon Did Not Cause Japanese Earthquake

Supermoon, basically the point in last 20 years when moon will be nearest to the earth (on 19 March 2011) was believed to have devastating effects on our earth, but scientists believe the Japanese earthquake and tsunami dont have anything to do with this supermoon phenomena. On March 19, the moon will be only 221,556 miles away, closest in 20 ... Read More »

Spacecraft To Enter Mercury’s Orbit For The First Time

Spacecraft going near Mercury seriously ? MESSENGER (MErcury Space Surface ENvironment Geochemistry & Ranging), launched back in 2004 will enter the Mercury’s orbit for the very first time in history to study the surface of the planet.   Previous Attempts Mercury was first looked upon with little success back in 1974 when Mariner 10, a space probe managed to take ... Read More »