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Microsoft Ending Windows XP Support In April 2014


Microsoft has announced that it is going to end the support (including fixes, updates and other stuff) for its most popular operating system Windows XP, with effect from April 8, 2014. Office 2003 accompanies Windows XP which will also loose official support of microsoft in the same time. The announcement was made by marketing director of Microsoft, Stella Chernyak in ... Read More »

Nokia Lumia Owners To Get First Lot of EA Games

Nokia Lumia 800/900 owners will be the first ones to receive the 20 games to be launched by EA. This announcement was made at CES 2012. This was also hinted in the press release for the AT&T Lumia too, where the Nokia-EA partnership will “bring over 20 of the world’s most popular games to the Windows Phone marketplace, coming first ... Read More »

Firefox 9 Released

Firefox 9 has been released unofficially, although it’s available for download from the official Mozilla website as well after it spread across the web on various downloading sites. The most reported improvement with the browser is faster execution of Javascript by as much as 20-30%. It’s one of the drawbacks Firefox has carried over the time compared to Internet Explorer ... Read More »

How To Find Out Which Program Is Using Which Port In Windows?

Sometimes for several reasons you might have to look into which program is using certain port e.g port 1055. This is important as sometimes a port is preoccupied and prevents any other program from using it and creates issues. In this case you have to find out which program is using that port and change ports accordingly. Well it’s simple ... Read More »

New Blue Screen Of Death For Windows 8

Say Hello to Windows 8 with some major improvements in the OS. But one improvement we believe deserves some space is the shift from old creepy blue screen error window to a new much nicer and polite error screen shown below: via TechCrunch Read More »

Windows Turned Into Powerplant Using Transparent Solar Cell

Richard Lunt, a researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has developed a transparent solar cell that can be used in windows to generate power, thus effectively making windows a powerplant. Main Idea It’s just a photovoltaic cell based on organic molecules which harness the infrared light energy while allowing visible light rays to pass though them. Install it on ... Read More »

Windows That Block Heat Only On Hot Day

Scientists from University of Buffalo have invented a material for window glass that reflects back heat from sun in summer but allows it during winter. These materials are transparent to infrared light at low temperatures but higher temperature causes them to undergo phase transition (change in internal structure) which improves reflection.   Researchers have basically found the temperature for Vanadium ... Read More »

Microsoft Releases Windows 7 Service Pack 1

The first service pack for Windows 7 is out ! The service pack consisting of security fixes and patches is aimed at making the widely used Windows Seven more stable and secure. Few new features & graphics improvement for people accessing Windows 7 remotely accompany the pack. Remote accession is normally used by the business users so this improvement will ... Read More »