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Are You Lazy At Work? Perception Is Everything

You may be perceived as being lazy and don’t even know it. This can be damaging to your next promotion and to your future career aspirations. As you may know, people will form an opinion of you based on a number of factors, some of, which are not factual but unfortunately they tend to relay that opinion to others through ... Read More »

Mechanical Work Extracted From Light Using DNA

Scientists have converted light into mechanical work by changing the elasticity of DNA when the light is incident upon DNA. This mechanism involves atomic force at micro scale to extract work out using light.   The research recently published in Journal of American Chemical Society by Martin McCullagh, Ignacio Franco, Mark A. Ratner, and George C. Schatz, from the Department ... Read More »

Why Voltage Remains Same in Parallel Combination ?

You must have studied in your school physics that when several components are connected in parallel across two points, the voltage drop is same for all of them. Why this is so ? Well we explain it from another point you must have read.   Electric field is a conservative field just like gravitational field i.e work done in electric ... Read More »